Operational Excellence Training for Chat and Messaging Agents

As more consumers and businesses communicate with brands using digital channels, such as Live Chat, Web Messaging, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, contact centre agents need new skills and capabilities to deliver their services effectively and confidently.

This online workshop is aimed at contact centre staff who require assistance with developing their digital engagement skills. Whether you are moving from voice to live chat or live chat to messaging or setting up a team to support your chat bots, this workshop will assist you. The training will be highly interactive to maximise your learning.

The charge per person for this two hour workshop is €99.

Key elements of workshop:

– Optimum structure for your digital team

– Live Chat (synchronous) vs Messaging (Asynchronous)

– Agent Best Practices

– Anatomy and Structure of Digital Conversations

– Language, Tone & Empathy

– Understanding Live Chat & Messaging KPIs

– Agent Chatbot Transfers

– Review & Feedback for Chat & Messaging Agents

– Messaging Neighbourhoods 

Learning outcomes:

– Understand the challenges and opportunities of synchronous and asynchronous communication

– More efficient conversation management

– More effective sales techniques

– Understand great conversation structure

– Learn about the impact of tone – positive/negative

– Understand the importance of empathy and using it effectively.

– What KPI’s should you be measuring? Chat/Messaging KPIs:  Benchmark CSAT, NPS,  FCR, AHT, Response Time, handled conversations, closed conversations per hour.

– How to work with chatbots

– How to utilise messaging neighborhoods to improve customer and agent experience

– Performance management – reviewing your own performance and your team

– Customer and management feedback methodology

Participants will:

– Understand best practice in relation to conversation structure

– Get hints and tips based on real customer interactions

– Interactively grade real customer conversations

– Identify appropriate resources, technologies, and practices to support your goals

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