Workforce Optimisation

Workforce Optimisation (WFO) is a unified suite of solutions for capturing interactions and managing the performance of employees across the enterprise.

Voice of Customer Analytics

Customer Experience Insights across all channels

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Desktop & Process Analytics

Compliance with regulations and company practices

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Workforce Management

Easy and accurate employee forecasting and scheduling

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Interaction Recording

Capture all interactions across voice, video, chat, social media

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Automated Quality Management

Automate the entire quality management process

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Performance Management

Optimise business performance, Improve customer experience

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Coaching & eLearning

Develop and enhance employee skills and confidence

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Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks. Free up employees for value added activities

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In the contact centre WFO involves solutions with pre-defined workflows that deliver unique information to help enhance contact centre productivity and quality.

This includes workforce management, call recording, automated quality management, performance management, along with speech, text, and desktop analytics and more.


  • Easily balance employee flexibility with staffing needs and costs
  • Reduce effort, improve processes and empower your workforce
  • Provide the required WFO analytics to improve customer engagement
  • Encourage optimum performance across the business


Provide critical insight into customer calls, chats and emails to help you uncover insights into your customers and your business. Now you can transcribe and analyse millions of calls, chats and emails to discover insights and improve contact centre performance.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management can help you easily and accurately forecast and schedule your employees,  manage intra-day activities, while still providing them the flexibility they need to manage their jobs with their busy lives.

Desktop AND Process Analytics

Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA) helps contact centres protect data privacy, limit liability, and gain visibility into non-phone activities by avoiding the capture of sensitive data to adhere to PCI Compliance and other regulations.

DPA also enables tagging of recordings to facilitate easy retrieval, and helps identify employee and system behaviours that do not comply with industry regulations and company practices.

Interaction Recording

Interaction Recording allows capture, index, archive and retrieval of interactions across voice, video, chat, social media, face-to-face and other unified communication platforms. It can automate call tagging using out-of-the-box call disposition topics, as well as topics that you define.

An omnichannel interaction player presents all interaction attributes in one place making it easier to listen, view, analyse and act. Interaction Recording is easy to maintain, with proven reliability, and many redundancy options.

Automated Quality Management

Automate the entire quality management process. Most contact centres are still listening to only 1-3% of calls.  This severely limits your ability to manage your quality or compliance.

With Automated Quality Management, you can automate the entire quality management process, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching.  The solution can automatically score up to 100 percent of your recorded calls, offering much greater insight and consistency than random sampling.

It can also enable you to shift resources from scoring and other manual quality monitoring tasks to higher value activities. Now your team can start analysing calls and focusing on soft skills, coaching, and compliance.

Coaching and e-Learning

The quality of service that your organisation delivers depends on the skills of your employees. But in today’s hectic work environment, it’s often hard to find time for learning and coaching, which are vital for encouraging better performance and deeper job satisfaction. Our Coaching and eLearning solution can help you foster deeper workforce engagement and build employee confidence. 

eLearning – Delivers web-based functionality to provide lessons and training to employees directly on their desktop.

Coaching – Provides out-of-the-box workflow for scheduling, delivering and tracking coaching that’s integrated with individual quality monitoring evaluation scores to help your organisation provide employees with better guidance on how to develop and enhance their skills.

Performance Management

Improve Employee Performance via a single, standardised framework for tracking, managing, and improving individual and team performance across the organisation—from contact centres and branches to back-office operations. 

Implement a continuous process for managing performance across your business. With improved performance, you can lower costs and improve productivity while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation can help increase Employee Capacity. Many organizations have operational areas that need to execute thousands of time-consuming business processes each day. These processes, while moderately complex, are often rules-based and don’t require human decision making and judgment.

Robotic Process Automation can perform these repetitive, time-consuming tasks for you. It can completely replace the need for manual processing of specific tasks or entire multi-step processes, automating and executing them around the clock. RPA increases employee capacity and processing speed by freeing them up for higher value activities.

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