IT Solutions provide professional services and solutions for leading brands dating back to 1989 when the company was founded. Innovation, agility and subject matter expertise are a key part of what we offer and paramount to how we help organisations transform the way they engage with their customers.

We’ve worked successfully with clients in vertical markets such as financial services, utilities, telcos, retail, insurance, healthcare, high tech, outsourcers, public sector, not for profit, education and B2B.

Today our key areas of focus are as follows: 


Conversational AI and Messaging

We focus on the needs of leading brands in  the business to consumer, business to business and public sector.

Workforce optimisation

We provide the tools to help you drive  customer satisfaction and  improve performance while optimising resource management.


BESPOKE services

Tailored services for organisations that have specialist or unique needs. 


IT Solutions have a highly skilled and experienced team to help you successfully deploy leading edge Conversational AI and Messaging and Digital Engagement Solutions, having completed over 100 projects in this area. Today more and more brands realise that they need to improve the way that they connect with their customers and move beyond the traditional channels of telephony and email. Consumers today use messaging in their daily lives to connect with friends and family and they want that ease of use when communicating and interacting with their service providers. We help you make this happen, from a people, process and technology perspective.

IT Solutions has been successfully providing a full range of services for major brands for almost two decades.

If you are interested in implementation of a full Workforce Optimisation suite or upgrading an existing solution, we can provide you with a managed service to meet your needs based around a service model that works for you.

- Requirements Gathering

- Implementation and integration services

- Training

- Best Practice consultancy

- Subject matter expertise

- Support services

As a specialist service provider, we have extensive experience in working in multi-vendor environments to ensure that our clients receive the required level of services to meet their unique needs.

IT Solutions have over 3 decades of providing bespoke services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Service Delivery Partnerships

For high growth SaaS based companies that wish to focus on product development, increasing sales revenues and customer retention, IT Solutions provide a full suite of services including customer on-boarding, success management and business transformation services.  To find out more about our value-added services in this area, get in touch with us today and we can talk to you about our proven capabilities in this area.

Process Automation Services

For clients that wish to focus on their core business activities, we have a strong track record in providing service automation for key business processes and clients. This could be due to budgetary constraints, organisational change or change in strategy.  Examples of this would be in financial services and logistics sectors where we work with clients and help them innovate to meet their changing needs.

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