Tesco Mobile UK

Tesco Mobile UK is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) subsidiary of Tesco plc, a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. Tesco Mobile provides mobile phone services to customers in the United Kingdom, offering a range of voice, text, and data services. The company uses the infrastructure of other mobile network operators to provide its services and operates as a low-cost alternative to traditional mobile network operators. 

Location: United Kingdom 

Industry: Telco 

Features Deployed: In App Messaging, Web Chat, Social Messaging, IVR deflection 

Case Study 

Tesco Mobile UK had been using webchat for several years but was still handling thousands of phone calls on a weekly basis. Tesco Mobile was keen to promote adoption of the digital channels over voice because they are more efficient and more cost-effective.   

The tasks we set out to address were: 

    • Promotion of self-serve and digital channels for Customer Service and Sales  
    • Channel customer queries coming via the stores to chat instead of voice 
    • Consolidation of social messaging onto a single platform 
    • Introduction of automation  
    • Implementation of secure messaging into the Tesco Mobile app 
    • Reduce phone queues by offering deflection to chat 

The Solutions 

We successfully expanded the existing web chat to include and measure Sales, achieving conversion rates of 14% and more without a hard sell.  We also assisted with the successful migration of the chat onto the new website which was structured differently to the original website. 

We made chat available to the store colleagues via their in-store portal so they could consult with the customer service centre more discreetly. This was rolled out to a select number of stores and then the entire store-base. 

Consolidating the social channels into the same platform made it easier to track and resolve customer issues and provided better control and reporting on these channels. The Social Media team had previously struggled with the tool they were using to answer the messages. 

We placed simple automation in the Social channels to direct customers to self-serve where possible and to triage those customers who have account-specific queries. 

We implemented in-app messaging as a better solution for customers to get assistance whilst in the app.  This asynchronous communication was new to the offshore team but the advisors quickly adapted and handled it very well. 

We set out to reduce queuing and convert customers from voice to digital by using IVR deflection to chat.  The customers who chose the chat found it to be an easy channel to use and feedback was very positive. 


Some of the challenges we encountered  – and successfully overcame – along the way were: 

    • Third parties: Tesco Mobile UK uses third-parties for the different areas of their operation – we had to  collaborate and co-operate with various technology providers. 
    • Data security: Ensuring the security of sensitive customer information was a top priority for Tesco Mobile, and this required careful planning and implementation. 

Examples of digital messaging for Tesco Mobile


The solutions implemented benefitted Tesco Mobile in several ways: 

    • Increased customer satisfaction: By providing multiple digital channels for customer service, Tesco Mobile was able to improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. The company was able to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction. 
    • Reduced wait times: The in-app chat, web chat, IVR deflection to chat and social messaging channels reduced wait times for customers and allowed them to get answers to their questions in real-time. 
    • Improved efficiency: The implementation of IVR deflection redirected customers from traditional phone-based customer service to digital channels, reducing the volume of calls to customer service. This allowed the company to handle more customer inquiries in less time, improving overall efficiency. 


By widening the availability of the digital channels, Tesco Mobile was able to encourage the adoption of those channels by its customers resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction without increasing cost to serve.