Citizen Engagement for Public Sector

Elevate your public services to the next level by delivering digital services designed from the citizen’s perspective.

Enhance Citizen Experience

Ensure digital inclusivity

Deliver Services More Efficiently

Citizen Engagement
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Citizen Engagement
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Citizen Engagement for Public Sector

Public Sector organisations deliver a wide variety of citizen services. As citizens become more comfortable with requesting help, goods and services online, their demand for digital self-service delivery of public services has increased. Managing this increasing demand within limited resources demands a transformation in public service delivery, quality and efficiency. This results in special challenges, requiring specialised public sector solutions.

Coping with rapid operational and policy changes brings with it a pressing need to connect departmental silos of data and processes, to unleash efficiencies and elevate citizen experience.  IT Solutions and  Verint offer purpose-built, cloud solutions to enable public sector organisations better serve your community.

Digital First Services for the Always On Citizen

  • Residents expect public services and information to be available 24/7.
  • Deliver digital customer services over a variety of channels. 
  • Enable self-service via web and mobile applications. 
  • Integrate knowledge management and case management solutions for increased efficiency and enhanced user experience.

Introducing Verint for Citizen Engagement

IT Solutions help local authorities elevate citizen engagement to a new level, transforming your digital service delivery capabilities with our cloud based platform.   

  • Leverage digital, self-service channels and traditional service channels to deliver services beyond citizen expectations. 
  • Boost efficiency and reduce costs through integrated services.
  • Improve agent performance and employee satisfaction.

Verint for Citizen Engagement is a cloud-based platform designed to comprehensively enable your digital-first customer service strategies. Based on Verint’s Case Management, Knowledge Management, and Messaging Cloud proven capabilities, the solution is widely used and proven within many local authority and public service organisations, helping them transform their public service delivery and citizen engagement services. Verint for Citizen Engagement helps facilitate this digital transformation:

  • Automating citizen interactions across both assisted and self-service channels.
  • Enabling digital engagement across hundreds of citizen facing services and workflow processes.
  • Maximising the number of opportunities for self-service.
  • The low-code/no-code environment empowers you to onboard new services and modify existing ones quickly and easily, helping you to be highly responsive to the needs of all your stakeholders.
  • Verint for Citizen Engagement is a secure, scalable, innovative solution, with its origins in the public sector, evolving over a number of years to meet the multiple demands of local authorities.

Case Management

Local governments must offer their citizens many different and complex services, and it’s hard to deliver them efficiently. They need solutions that are open, easy to deploy, simple to use, and help reduce complexity. They also need solutions that connect and share data seamlessly to provide citizen-facing services.

Verint Case Management offers built-for-purpose workflows for citizen engagement so constituents can interact using the most efficient channel and get a consistent outcome regardless of the mode of interaction.

Our Case Management solution helps  local authorities and councils to simplify and automate the execution of business processes, while supporting unpredictable demand from your customers and citizens.

  • Connected self-service at scale – Consolidate and simplify business processes across and create customer-initiated cases from self-service channels. 
  • Enable event-driven engagement – Boost the user experience by allowing customers to interact when they want, how they want, via their channel of choice, with proactive event-based engagement. 
  • Empower an omnichannel workforce –  Enable your employees to work seamlessly across customer service channels and benefit from a unified customer interaction history.

Simplify Complex Workflows

Define your unique customer service processes with multi-step workflows that span teams and departments. Customer service agents and back-office employees can follow guided processes to improve the speed, accuracy and compliance of complex interactions across channels. Key case management capabilities include advanced queuing and routing, SLA management and parallel processes. Customers benefit from being able to track the progress of their requests at every stage of the process.

Stop repetition, start automation

Customer service processes often involve repetitive steps and tedious data entry. These manual tasks are time consuming, and fraught with data entry mistakes. 

Replacing your manual efforts with automation means you can accelerate resolution times, drive employee productivity and improve your customer experience.

No more toggling between apps

Agent desktops are often cluttered with ten or more open applications used to answer customer questions. Toggling between systems wastes time and increases the opportunity for mistakes. Verint Case Management, from IT Solutions, provides a sophisticated integration framework that allows you to create a single pane of glass for agents to view data across applications.

The application listens for events in the interaction and customer history to anticipate what the employee needs next and adjusts the application data accordingly.

Power up your CCaS desktop

Verint Case Management offers organisations the ability to resolve complex issues across all channels and deliver frictionless, conversational customer experiences. Each contact is maintained in a unified customer history so conversations can continue across channels.

And, whether you want your channels to be managed by IT Solutions or by your existing CCaaS solution, we can provide you with the case management capability that you need.

Knowledge Management​

Verint Knowledge Management helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences.  Deliver the right knowledge, at the right time, to enable self-service, improve the consistency and quality of answers, and achieve compliance with regulations and company processes.

  • Leverage a single source of truth – Verint Knowledge Management integrates seamlessly across your business operations, powering self-service, contact centre efficiency, and ensuring consistency across the hybrid workforce.
  • Provide automated just-in-time knowledge – Empower support staff and employees with automated, just-in-time knowledge embedded directly in their tools and workflow. Combine your knowledge with Intelligent Virtual Assistants to enable self-service at scale.
  • Improve workforce efficiency and effectiveness – Reduce call volumes, drive support quality and improve efficiency simultaneously to generate ROI through improved knowledge development and delivery.

Provide faster customer service with contextual information

Your products and processes frequently change, and the amount of information housed within your organisation grows daily. Verint Knowledge Management uses context from customer history to personalise results, resulting in the right knowledge appearing with little to no searching for your citizens and employees..

Digital First Engagement Channels

Citizens expect public services and information to be available 24/7. With Verint for Citizen Engagement, local authorities can deliver digital customer services over a variety of channels, while enabling  self-service via web and mobile applications, integrating knowledge management and case management solutions, leading to increased efficiency and enhanced user experience.


  • Self-Service: Digital Engagement – Seamlessly provide your customers and citizens with the right digital experience at the right moment on their channel of choice.
  • Real-Time Assistance – Create positive outcomes for your customers by giving your employees the answers and guidance they need – when they need it.
  • Channels and Routing  – Unify customer interactions across telephony and digital channels in a single agent workspace to power consistent conversations, leverage automation, and deploy staff flexibly all with fewer resources and less effort. 


Through proven API and multiple integrations with third party systems and services, Verint Citizen Engagement helps local authorities achieve end to end service automation and workflow management for all key services, providing a seamless interface for frictionless citizen services.


For additional in formation on our Citizen Engagement solutions or to arrange a demonstration, please contact IT Solutions today.