Sample ROI

Our ROI models are based on a combination of Industry benchmark data, brand provided data, and success metrics from our customers. We use this data to demonstrate measurable value for our customers.

Conversational care hard data includes first contact resolution (FCR), bot containment rate / transfer rate to agents, closed conversations per hour, cost per interaction, agent attrition rate, and customer churn rate / retention rate. Other soft metrics are customer experience, CSAT/NPS and customer lifetime value.

We can build customised models for your brand, effectively de-risking Conversational AI projects.

Brands can achieve a 1.5x efficiency over voice in their first year with messaging. This means that if agents were handling 5 calls per hour before, they can now handle 7.5 messaging conversations. This is due to the nature of asynchronous messaging as well as automations that do not completely contain conversations such as agent-assist bots or routing bots.

Improvements in first contact resolution result in less repeat interactions, bringing total contacts down. Messaging FCR on average in the mid/high 90’s.

FAQ bots can contain an avg 25% of all inquiries, basic intent bots can handle an avg of 40%.