Advanced Speech Analytics

Harness the Power of a Comprehensive Speech Analytics Solution

Today's businesses understand that customer interaction recordings can provide valuable insight into products, services, and processes, but the volume of recordings can make analysing them very difficult.

Zero in on the Problems You Have and Uncover the Ones You Don’t Know About

Verint’s patented Impact 360 Advanced Speech Analytics technology indexes 100 percent of calls and their meaning up front. This provides business users with powerful tools that can automatically identify potential root causes, provide search or category suggestions based on the data collected, and uncover unknown, buried issues—all before they’ve listened to a single call. 

Valuable Insights for Better Business Decisions

Designed with the business user in mind, Impact 360 Speech Analytics provides valuable insights right out of the box. Features include:

Analyse call content to generate business intelligence. Impact 360 Speech Analytics automatically identifies words or phrases that are being used more or less frequently in customer calls and surfaces trends that might otherwise go undetected. The solution delivers valuable insights to help your organisation reduce costs and improve products, processes, and the customer experience.

Quickly spot changes in customer behavior. Customer Behaviour Indicators help supervisors, analysts, and others in your organisation quickly spot changes in customer behaviour, so that they can act quickly to reduce rising call volumes and improve customer satisfaction.

Easy, intuitive visual search. Impact 360 Speech Analytics lets you search for terms in calls and related data and even zero in on emotional calls, with guided search functionality similar to that used by popular Internet search engines. Your search yields a list of contacts in order of relevance, from which you can drill down to listen to specific calls. Visual searching allows you to see the context of calls and the relationship of search terms to each other, improving query effectiveness.

Rich reporting. Data visualisation tools and clickable charts present business intelligence in an easy-to-understand visual format, and a variety of out-of-the-box reports lets you present data in formats attuned to user and team objectives. Reports can be exported in PDF or spreadsheet format to facilitate sharing company wide.

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