Merge Customer Data to One System and Improve Customer Satisfaction 

Now you can cost-effectively merge data from disparate sources and thread the entire interaction history into one comprehensive system. With our Phone software, agents can instantly see all previous contacts and relevant data from other data sources to help build on previous interactions. Productivity increases while transfers and callbacks decline. This holistic customer view not only improves customer satisfaction, it truly enables long-lasting relationships. Companies can further improve information access with scripts and an optional Knowledgebase.

Customer View

  • Company appears as a unified organization that knows its customers.
  • Calls are routed to the appropriate agent automatically, putting the right agent in front of the caller the first time without transfers.
  • Communication is personalized, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Agent View

  • Reduce hold times and multi-application look-ups with all relevant data in one window.
  • Scripts and optional Knowledgebase integration produces instant information access.
  • Comprehensive, real-time displays and historical information help determine call center resource management.  
  • Streamline Customer Interaction

    Optimise your Service Proposition. Improve your Customer Experience.

  • Integrated Solutions for your business

    Increase Sales. Reduce Costs. Improve your Customer Experience.

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