Instant and Accurate Information for Customers and Employees


The Business Problem

Finding the right information at the right moment can be a challenge for both your customers and your employees. Knowledge Management solutions help you accomplish both goals in order to achieve increased productivity, improve customer satisfaction scores, and reduce operational costs.

Find the Right Message at the Right Time

Our Knowledgebase search engine fetches the right information quickly and easily. Smart Synopsis provides access to the most relevant articles. Search remote databases and keep up-to-date by receiving RSS feeds on articles, categories, forums, and wiki modifications with our knowledge base software.

Easy Content Creation

Knowledgebase features a workflow engine that is configurable for article authoring.Powerful WYSIWYG HTML editing delivers an intuitive interface. Attachments can be added to articles to supplement content and provide context. Instant publishing capabilities and article import flexibility. 

Seamless Self-Service

Customers can help themselves by using an available public portal. Solution Finder guides customers through their toughest questions.  An optional registration portal gives you the power to track who is accessing the Knowledgebase. 

Contextual Knowledge

With over 100 languages recognizable by the knowledge base software search engine, your end user can read articles in whatever language they prefer.  The personalized portal displays topical articles and alerts. The most relevant, reputable content is displayed at the top with user article ranking.

Improve with Reporting

Track what articles are being viewed, and which lead most often to inquiry resolution. Dynamic ROI results tell you what you’re getting for your investment.  Search results reporting lets you stay on top of which articles are getting the most views. 

  • Streamline Customer Interaction

    Optimise your Service Proposition. Improve your Customer Experience.

  • Integrated Solutions for your business

    Increase Sales. Reduce Costs. Improve your Customer Experience.

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