Knowledge Management

IT Solutions Knowledgebase solutions deliver instant value and rapid return on investment. Many Knowledgebase customers report dramatic results:

  • Reduced email volume by 80%
  • Achieved positive ROI in less than six months
  • Reduced call volume by 15% in the first month of use, 50% in the first year
  • Increased search accuracy from 10% to 90%
  • Knowledgebase streamlines the entire documentation process for companies to share information with employees, customers, and partners
  • The flexible, self-learning Knowledgebase captures and presents current, relevant information to customers in a Web self-service mode, and to agents through a flexible portal within the single screen agent interface


The Knowledgebase includes a user friendly interface, comprehensive reporting and is completely integrated across assisted and self-service channels, improving service quality and increasing first contact resolution.

Our Knowledgebase solution offers:

  • Powerful search and retrieval methodologies, ensuring customers receive rapid, accurate, and consistent responses
  • Easy authoring, robust review workflow, and flexible article access to further enhance the centralized knowledge repository
  • Insightful reporting tool indicating which articles users seek and what information is unavailable, driving continuous improvements
  • Streamline Customer Interaction

    Optimise your Service Proposition. Improve your Customer Experience.

  • Integrated Solutions for your business

    Increase Sales. Reduce Costs. Improve your Customer Experience.

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