Performance Monitoring

Availability & Performance Monitoring for IVR and Web Solutions 

Availability and performance monitoring services for contact center and communications solutions give your IT and telephony team peace of mind that someone is watching the solution's performance when you leave the office.

With HeartBeat and WebBeat performance and monitoring services, your end-to-end solution is thoroughly exercised 24 x 7 with transactions delivered at a prescribed frequency every hour.  If anything unexpected occurs during one of those calls, you and your team are immediately notified. 

Key Things to Know about Availabilty & Performance Monitoring Services:

  • 24 x7 Monitoring of Production Systems
  • Inbound & Outbound Technologies
  • Voice, web, fax, and email transactions
  • 1 to 12+ transactions per hour and continuous monitoring



  • Streamline Customer Interaction

    Optimise your Service Proposition. Improve your Customer Experience.

  • Integrated Solutions for your business

    Increase Sales. Reduce Costs. Improve your Customer Experience.

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