HeartBeat for IVR Systems

With HeartBeat availability and performance monitoring you can 

  • Validate the performance of your end-to-end contact center and communications solutions.
  • Assure the best possible experience for your customers.
  • Assure the best possible efficiencies and savings for your company.

How it works:

HeartBeat calls are generated remotely and interact with your contact center and communications solutions just like real customers so you know what your customers are experiencing around the clock.

Calls are generated at a specified hourly rate (e.g., 2 calls per hour, 12 calls per hour, etc.) and exercise your solution just like real calls traversing the PSTN by making appropriate DTMF and spoken inputs.  IT Solutions' patented technology and proven methodologies are used to verify step responses, measure response times and capture other actionable data from each HeartBeat call so you know your solution is performing as expected 24x7. 

The results of HeartBeat availability and performance monitoring give you confidence about your solutions' performance and help you to answer questions such as:

  • Are my customers able to access my solution RIGHT NOW?
  • Do customer calls successfully get through the public telephone network?
  • Are the calls being properly handled by your contact center solution?
  • Do response times at key steps in the calling process meet your requirements for end-user customer experience?
  • Does your contact center solution perform the same at all times of the day?
  • Has something changed in the solution or production environment that has not been communicated or evaluated for impact on your customers?
  • Do any trends in system performance indicate it is time to tune the system configuration or upgrade capacity?

HeartBeat for IVR Systems

  • Streamline Customer Interaction

    Optimise your Service Proposition. Improve your Customer Experience.

  • Integrated Solutions for your business

    Increase Sales. Reduce Costs. Improve your Customer Experience.

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