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Impact 360 for Back-Office Operations

At A Glance
  • Comprehensive back-office workforce optimization portfolio for improving the efficiency of claims processing, order fulfillment, customer administration, transaction processing, billing, and other back-office functions
  • Helps transform your back office into a strategic business asset
  • Provides greater visibility to back-office operations, with powerful tools to improve quality, productivity, and process consistency and reduce resource and processing costs
  • Solutions for a wide range of industries, from financial services and insurance to healthcare, retail, and banking 
Transform the Back Office into a Strategic Business Asset

For companies around the globe, optimizing back-office performance is an important, yet complex objective. Back-office performance can have a significant impact on customer loyalty and business profitability. Excellent performance can improve customer perceptions and increase customer lifetime value. Conversely, back-office processing issues - data entry errors, billing mistakes, or workflow delays - are often the underlying cause of customer dissatisfaction and defections and can significantly boost operating costs, as well.

Back-office operations have become increasingly complex:

  • Manual processes, non-production activity, and a growing volume of transactions across a variety of business systems make it difficult to capture the real-time data and activity volumes needed for optimum business decisions.
  • A large and diverse workforce with a multitude of languages, skill levels, and geographical locations requires a more effective approach to resource scheduling and performance management.
  • New technologies, changing processes, and evolving compliance requirements increase the demand for effective, ongoing training and greater employee proficiency.

Verint® Impact 360® for Back-Office Operations is designed to help your organization address these challenges, with unprecedented visibility to your back-office operations in order to improve back-office quality, productivity and process consistency and reduce resource and processing costs. Designed for a wide range of industries, from financial services and insurance to healthcare, retail, and banking, Verint Back-Office Solutions help our customers transform the back office into a strategic enterprise asset.

Impact 360 for Back-Office Operations

Impact 360 for Back-Office Operations is a comprehensive, workforce optimization portfolio for addressing virtually every facet of back-office operations, with:

  • Forecasting and Scheduling to align your staff with your workload and reduce resource costs
  • Desktop Activity Management to promote best practices and measure application usage and process adherence
  • Performance Management to view employee performance with respect to company goals on role-appropriate performance scorecards
  • Strategic Planning to determine the optimal mix of full-time, part-time, and flex-time resources to accommodate current and future demand
  • eLearning to rapidly address skill gaps and changes in processes, programs, and regulations
Increase Back-Office Productivity, Reduce Costs

Our Back-Office Operations Solutions provide you with real-time insight into day-by-day, hour-by hour incoming activity, actual throughput, and employee productivity. This Actionable Intelligence® helps you make rapid, fact-based decisions to increase efficiency, manage time more effectively, identify flawed or inefficient processes, train staff, match staff scheduling to actual demand, and achieve service level agreements with lower costs, backlog, and overtime. Read how Verint back-office solutions customers have already achieved measureable productivity and cost substantial reductions.

Verint Understands your Back-Office Challenges

Verint's comprehensive back-office lineup is designed specifically for the back-office environment. Our staff is highly experienced in the challenges facing your industry and operations, and our partners are trained and certified in the deployment of our solutions, so that your organization can receive maximum return on its Verint investment. Learn more about us by reading Verint headlines and bylines or by experiencing a Verint webinar or podcast.

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