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UncategorizedJune 12, 2020Uncategorized Test In the live person ecosystem we have over 18000 customers and we want to know a little about how the cold one affected the covid-19 crisis.  The biggest trend we’re experiencing is The amount of customers who are shifting from voice calls to messaging, and why, very Simply because it’s a better agent and customer experience, or technically typically in Agency….Read More Chatbots MessagingJune 12, 2020Chatbots Messaging Web-Chat and Messaging Allow your customers to reach you on your website, desktop or mobile. Start with Live Chat or Messaging, and then transition into using ChatBots, Social Media,  or your brand’s mobile app. Messaging has become the preferred option for most consumers as it is convenient and easy to use and allows them to communicate with brands on their terms. It’s the way they communicate…Read More Automation Bots ChatbotsJune 12, 2020Automation Bots Chatbots Automation Integrate a third-party bot you already have, or create new dialogues with little to no coding required. We can make a start on your ChatBot, or you can use LivePerson’s Conversation Builder templates to get started. Check out our video on automating conversations! Read More