Agthia is a multinational company that has been serving customers in 30 international markets for over four decades. The company prides itself on offering a diverse range of nutritious, value-driven, and ethically produced products, including food and beverages.

To support their continued growth and success, Agthia turned to IT Solutions, a trusted partner in the delivery of cutting-edge technology solutions. We were responsible for helping Agthia implement automation and proactive messaging for their water brand Alain, which involved setting up their account configuration and ensuring that their Contact Centre was ready for operation.

Our team played a crucial role in ensuring that Agthia was able to streamline their processes and communicate effectively with customers by setting up their systems in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This collaboration allowed the company to continue to provide high-quality products and services to their customers.


The Alain water service centre was facing a challenge of handling a large number of similar inquiries from its customers. To address this issue and improve the customer experience, the company decided to implement a proactive messaging solution. This solution allowed customers to access information and resolve some of their common requests independently, without the need for direct assistance from a customer service representative.

The proactive messaging covered several important areas that were frequently asked about, including updates on delivery status, alerts when a customer’s balance was low and needed to be topped up, information for new customers about the company and its products, and guidance on the availability and use of the company’s app. This approach not only reduced the workload for the service centre but also ensured that customers received timely and accurate information, improving the overall customer experience.

Example of Web messaging and automation deployment on Alain website

Example of Web messaging and automation deployment on Alain website

Examples of WhatsApp deployment for Agthia

Examples of WhatsApp deployment for Agthia


We introduced a proactive messaging tool that utilizes messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and SMS to tackle repetitive customer inquiries in a more efficient and effective manner. The tool was designed to handle common customer questions and provide quick and accurate responses, freeing up customer service agents from having to repeatedly answer the same questions.

By using this tool, customer service agents were able to redirect their focus and energy towards more complex customer inquiries that required a higher level of expertise and attention. This allowed for a more efficient use of time and resources, as well as improved customer satisfaction, as customers received quick and accurate responses to their inquiries.

The proactive messaging tool provided a valuable solution to a common customer service challenge, by deflecting repetitive customer inquiries and allowing customer service agents to focus on more complex and challenging customer needs.


Agthia noticed a decrease in the number of repetitive inquiries made by customers. This was due to the implementation of a self-service feature through the company’s app. The app allowed customers to proactively recharge their account balance whenever they needed to, thus reducing their dependence on the Service Team.

This not only lightened the workload of the service team but also led to an increase in sales. The convenience of being able to easily recharge their account balance encouraged customers to do so more frequently, resulting in an overall increase in sales for the company.